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The Assistive Technology Exchange Center is a resource for any item of equipment or technology used to increase, maintain, or improve functional capabilities for individuals at home, school, or work. In human terms, it’s the voice for a little girl who’s never been able to speak. It’s the hands for a man who has lost his ability to write. It’s hope. It’s empowerment. And it’s central to our mission of helping individuals lead more fulfilling lives.

We are the largest and most comprehensive provider of the latest assistive technology. ATEC services can be provided at home, school, or work environment or here in our 7,000 square-foot ATEC facility in Santa Ana. Our two Speech-Language Pathologists and Technology Specialists, as well as a Rehabilitation Engineer and Occupational Therapist have at their disposal over 1,000 technology devices with state-of-the-art hardware and software all maintained by ATEC. ATEC provides a number of services, including assessment, training, delivery, installation, technical support, and consultation in many different areas of assistive technology. ATEC’s loan and reuse services provides equipment loan, sale, exchange, and equipment for rent. We also accept donated equipment and equipment for recycling.
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