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ATEC provides training and support with assistive technology equipment and software. We are able to install and configure assistive technology software on the computers that the client uses. We can provide training for clients, caregivers and family members on how to maintain and troubleshoot assistive technology equipment. We can also assist in the programming of Augmentative and Alternative Communication devices, as well as training on how to back up the device and change settings.

In addition to providing comprehensive training and support for assistive technology devices and software, ATEC also provides technical support for new computer systems and troubleshooting general problems. We are available to set up new computers, configure peripheral devices, establish Internet connections and install software. We are able to resolve many issues and conflicts between software programs or hardware devices.

ATEC offers basic training sessions to learn how to use a computer, office productivity programs, send email, and browse web pages. These training sessions will use your computer, and we can customize the lessons depending on what you need to learn. Our training sessions build on your current knowledge, and supplements training that you may receive at a community college or other facility.

For more information regarding ATEC computer training and technical support, contact

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